Australian Advertising Law, Firm of the Year

Welcome to ChoyBrown

ChoyBrown (formerly known as Choy Lawyers) is a boutique Australian law firm specialising in the areas of trade marks, copyright, designs as well as advertising and marketing law. Essentially, we handle anything related to the development, use, management, litigation and sale of intellectual property - excluding patents. We focus on intellectual property and its application in the Advertising industry because this is the one area where we are recognised for our very high level of expertise.

Our firm is referral only, we do not accept new clients unless they have been referred by another lawyer, accountant, existing client or friend. Our practice is now mature, and we have a great client base. Our existing clients are our primary concern and providing them with an exceptional level of service is our aim. So to thank them for their loyalty and support over the years, our existing clients get priority over our time. We're here to advise them, their friends and their associates.