Thank you so much for your help over the past few months.You have given me strength, your professionalism is exceptional.

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Intellectual Property is an important factor throughout many facets of a business. The name consumers know you by is your trade mark and also represents your businesses goodwill. Protection prevents the use of the same or similar names by competitors attempting to divert your customers. The unique appearance or shape of your products (or business materials and documents) can be your point of distinction/edge in the market and should be protected through registered designs or copyright. The contracts you enter into with suppliers, retailers and employees all have IP clauses that impact your business on a number of levels. Your communication with customers is always under the spotlight and monitored by consumer protection agencies such as the ACCC.

So where do we come in? We provide plain English advice and IP protection solutions across the areas of trade marks, copyright, design and advertising. From checking that you're not going to breach someone else's IP to protecting your own and defending it through the Courts (if need be). Our network of international associates means we can provide these services tailored to the markets you operate in with confidence. If you have any questions regarding our services for businesses and business owners please don't hesitate to contact us.